Redmi 4A

Redmi 4A
Хөнгөн, Удаан цэнэг барилт





Удаан цэнэг, хүчирхэн процессор хөнгөн утсанд

Redmi 4A нь таны өмнө нь барьж байсан утаснуудаас хамгийн хөнгөн, хамгийн хурдан нь.Snapdragon 425 64битийн 4 цөмт процессор бас 3120мАц батарей нь цэнэг барих хугацаа маш урт гэсэн үг юм.5инчийн дэлгэцтэй, MIUI8 үйлдлийн системтэй.

  •   5"
    HD дэлгэц
  •   3120mAh
  •  13MP
    арын камер
  •  MIUI 8

131.5грамм бол хамгийн хөнгөн нь

Redmi 4A нь Redmi цувралаас гаргаж байсан хамгийн хөнгөн загвар юм.


3120мАц батарей

Удаан цэнэг барилт, Удаан тоглоно

Хол замд уйтгартай явж, утсаар удаан ярих үед цэнэг дуусах асуудал ганра гэж санаа зовох хэрэггүй боллоо. Redmi 4А утас нь 3210мАц цэнэг барилттай бас MIUI систем дээр цэнэг бага зарцуулахаар тохируулах хийгдсэн тус загвар юм.


One single phone,

Dual identities

Redmi 4A allows you to keep 2 separate profiles. Use different passcodes to
access them, each with its own wallpaper, apps, files, and photos. Perfect for times when you
need a clear separation in your life!


Simplify your life,MIUI 8

Be in awe whenever you pick up your Redmi 4A. It runs on MIUI8 - which is the most
gorgeous and user-friendly operating system to date. We've included some major design
and software overhauls that will help you to be even more effective and efficient in your daily
life. You can now take scrolling screenshots, calculate currency conversions, create dual app
log-ins, and expect more as we roll out more version updates in the future.

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 425

64-bit processor

Expect fast app launches and fluid gaming experience on Redmi 4A, packed with
Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 425 64-bit processor and Adreno 308 graphics processing unit.

5" HD display

Redmi 4A has a 5" fully laminated display packed with pixels for HD resolution. It also has Reading mode, which prevents eye fatigue by reducing blue light rays from screen. Color temperature can also be adjusted based on your preference - warm, standard, or cool.


Dual SIM slot


The Dual SIM slot supports two SIM cards to send and receive calls and messages from two different phone numbers. If you only have one SIM card, you have the option to add a microSD card for up to 128GB of storage.
Note: The 2G mobile network across all telcos in Singapore will close from 1st April 2017. However, Redmi 4A can receive 2G services in countries that support 2G mobile networks.


Redmi 4A weighs at 131.5g, including battery. Redmi 4A battery has 3120mAh typical capacity. Battery life results and other data
are obtained via internal lab tests unless otherwise stated and may vary depending on the environment or test conditions. 200 million MIUI
users as of May 2016, figure is subject to change over time.